BPW - Day 03 - Favourite Billie Characters [2/2]

Rose Tyler (as herself or bad wolf…or the moment, let’s be honest).


"…military intelligence…”

Terror of the Autons - season 08 - 1971

often the solitary one

finds grace for himself


The Doctor: I’m going to fix this Dalek!

The Doctor: *fixes the Dalek*

Dalek: *goes on murderous rampage*

The Doctor: image

Rarely giffed Amy Pond vol. 2 (requested by hermiornegranger) →



But there were stories that out there, wherever that was, there existed a shadowy half-man, simultaneously alive and dead, murderer and victim. No one knew what he looked like, except that he had only one arm – and no one could agree which one he had lost, or how it…


Doctor Who float with Peter Davison, 1981